Anthony is not short on creativity.  Throughout his life, he has always tried to keep the spark of imagination alive.  

Like most people, Anthony has had the typical 9-5 office job, but that never made him lose sight of the big picture.  Throughout the years, Anthony's creative spirit has always come through from co-owning a general contracting business; being a graphic artist; and even volunteering (for 14 years) as a set designer and builder for a local community theater.    He even managed to co-write a screenplay in his own not-so-spare time.  Anthony submitted an entry to the World Trade Center Memorial Contest and at one time was an avid auditioner of TV reality and game shows. (Although he was never picked, he made it the final cut a few times!)  

Today, Anthony is focused on making Archaeological Doug a success.  Originally wanting it to be an animated series, he realized it would be a tough hill to climb.  Years ago, however, wise advice from an individual in the industry suggested that the concept of Archaeological Doug should be developed as a book.  Because Anthony did not have real connections in the publishing arena, the idea was placed on the back burner.  Finally, technology caught up, and the commonality of ebooks re-sparked his vision. At that point, he re-evaluated the concept and felt that he could now self publish.  As mentioned, his original work was set up as an animated series, so the painstaking attempt to trim down a 3,000+ word manuscript to little over 1,000 was daunting. The editing process took as long as the original manuscript.  

Next was finding the right artist.  Anthony's concept was so visual, there was only one way he could imagine the final illustrations. It took more than a month of reviewing 100's of artists and styles, until he found the work of Steve Feldman. It felt like a great match from the start, and almost a year later, The Adventures of Archaeological Doug was ready to start the journey.....      

Anthony Fabrizio

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