Our dog (Dusty)

We found Dusty at a shelter about four years ago.  He was skinny and looked sad.  Now after being with us all these years, he is truly one of the family.  He seems to sleep about 14 hours a day but when he's up, he's up.  Sometimes he joins us when we dig.  He is remarkably gentle with his paws but he tends to bury more things than he digs up.

My Sister (Sandy)

I love my sister but she confuses me.  One minute she is climbing a tree and reaching for a bug; the next minute she is putting on a princess costume and all the jewelry she can find in the house.  I do love having her as my partner on these adventures so in reality, she is not bad for an eight year old.  

My Mom (Monica)

My mom is just as adventurous as my dad but, on the other hand, she worries about every little sniffle or scraped knee. We are kids; we fall sometimes and she's got to get over it. I know, I know, its all out of love.....but I can wipe my own mouth!!     

My Dad (Arthur)

My dad is a funny guy and is always trying to make us laugh by making funny faces or joking about something.  When it comes to his work, though, he is very serious.  He is also very adventurous.  I guess you would have to be if you are an archaeologist.     

Meet My Family