The Adventures of Archaeological Doug is a book series (well, just one book so far) about a 13 year boy named Douglas and his eight year old sister, Sandy.  At home, they are typical siblings; occasionally squabbling over what movie to see; where to go on "Fast Food Friday"; even the ever popular "who's turn is it to take Dusty (their dog) for his walk?" During summer vacations, however, its another story.  For those few months, they combine their imagination, curiosity, and knowledge to solve mysteries and riddles surrounding artifacts found at dig sites around the world.  

Doug and Sandy belong to a pretty cool kids club.  All the children in this group have parents that work in anthropology departments of various universities.  In the summer, they are allowed to tag along on (so called) business trips. You might initially say "boring" or "whoop-de-doo" but these excursions are far from that.  They are filled with excitement, discovery, and challenges.  Doug's parents (Monica and Arthur) are archaeologists and in charge of overseeing many dig sites sprinkled throughout the world.  One day, they thought it would be a great idea to get their kids involved, and decided that a better way to learn archaeology was with a first-hand experience at actual dig sites.  That's how the club was born.  Most kids that are lucky enough to be members love the experience. Douglas and Sandy feel the same way, but take it to the next level.  Instead of just digging up an artifact, they dig deep into their imaginations. They try to experience what it might have been like to live during the time when these villages, towns, and cities actually existed.  With the help of local residents, the brother and sister team gather clues and try to figure out the purpose of the newly discovered artifacts.

The optimum age group for this book series is about 6-10 years old, but it is safe to say

that these stories do have something for all ages.  

About the  Book Series